Friday, April 1, 2011

The Zen of Asia ?

I came to Thailand to enjoy a simpler and easier life.
After 7 years of working in diving, the Man and I were running a dive shop. It was great except I ended up with more responsibilities and stress than when I was working in a business bank in Paris.
No life, no time to dive, socialize or have friends, write on my blog, exercise, or even read a book, just work. We would come home at night and crash in front of the TV. Every night. Every now and then I would go out and blow off steam at the local bar and come home at 4am, plastered. Then our few days off would be spent doing the chores around the house, shopping and catching up with our errands, or, after the nights out, just lying in bed feeling like I was gonna die.
I am reclaiming my life now. I have resigned my position as a manager and we have decided to leave Thailand. No idea what we will do next and that is the fun of it. The whole world is opened to us, we just have to grab it now. Well, not exactly now. Before we leave, we have decided to take a few months to enjoy Asia. We have already taken a tour on the motorbikes down the South of the country, went to see our friends in Koh Tao, and started exercising everyday again. We are getting married in 2 weeks, and then we have planned a honeymoon in Nepal (1 month), maybe a short trip to Myanmar, and then a whole month of free diving. 
Some days are really busy with organizing everything, and some days are quite lazy. But we try to squeeze in exercise just about everyday. I am back on track...


naoko takaku said...

I glad to you be happy in asia!

Now I'm living busy in japan,
but ,trying to enjoy a simpler and easier life.

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