Monday, June 14, 2010

I don’t like flying

First of all it is one of the most polluting form of transportation, and second, it is the most annoying one. Well, especially leaving from Europe. The number of security checks we had to undergo before we could get on the plane is just ridiculous. They checked our passport / plane tickets at least 6 times, made us empty pretty much the entire carry-on baggage (you have to put aside keys, phone, wallet and change, laptop, camera... well there was only my book left in my bag...), not to mention their new thing with liquids...

Illusion of safety. That’s all it is. They can check all they want, if someone wants to blow up the plane, they will find a way. But today, everything seems to revolve around safety : medias show you nothing but terrible images of violence, war, crime, to make sure you are too scared to go see out there by yourself. They surround us with the Fear, to make us accept the unacceptable (more taxes, more wars, less freedom) and make sure all we do is buy more stuff that will make us feel better. More confortable. More alive. I own therefore I am.

Well that’s just a double bonus for all the politics and company owners : the Fear allows them to do pretty much what they want and on top of it, they’re making money off it ! They don’t really care about us, they don’t really care about anything but their own benefit in the short term. They don’t even care about their own kids. Otherwise would they put a lease on the next generation’s future like they do ? Who knows what will happen in the next few decades ? Will the next generation be responsible enough or will they even be able to take care of the nuclear waste we are producing today ? Will they have a chance to ever feel the taste of blue fin tuna before the 15% of what’s left in the water is definitely fished out ? Will they be able to enjoy the incredible experience of swimming with sharks before they go extinct ?

We have to realise today that some resources of this planet are coming to an end, and if we keep going this way, it will all to be gone or too badely polluted pretty soon. And it could all end up in the extinction of the human being and a lot of animal species. Earth will probably survive though, recovering slowly and creating new types of creatures, new ecosystems, new species. Let’s just hope the next “Superior Beings” will be less destructive and more attached to that beautiful home that Mother Earth gave them...


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