Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cold weather

So in the end we took a whole week off running. Egypt is definitely not a place for sporty people. In a week there, we saw 2 people exercising. That is including us two.

Then a few days ago we arrived in France. Running here is a lot easier, you can find parks and also, the weather is chillier than Thailand. A lot chillier. Actually, it is really cold. We run in pants and sweater. Weird. 

We are also lucky to have a pool right next door to where we stay. It is only 25m long, it is indoor and it is pretty crowded, but we do enjoy it anyway (got a bit too spoiled in Thailand...). Plus, the lifeguards are also trainers and they are immensely useful. Everytime we go, they give me advices, training tips and they really do help me a lot improving my technique. We try to go 2 to 3 times a week.

Also yesterday, we got a couple of bicycles that we borrowed from my friends. This afternoon we are gonna go for a long ride along the Marne river. There are a lot of very cool places to go riding around here. Loads of bike lanes along the river, many parks, woods and forrests. The plan is to check them all out. That will be a lot of riding...


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